Giulia Dal Maso

Risky Expertise in Chinese Financialisation: Haigui Returnee Migrants in the Shanghai Financial Market

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (thesis submitted) 

Supervisors: Brett Nielson and Ned Rossiter

Photo of Giulia Dal MasoBefore starting my PhD at the Institute for Culture and Society I lived in China for four years, where I worked at the Shanghai's office of IsIAO (Istituto Italiano per l'Africa e l'Oriente). My research focuses on the way in which financialisation is emerging in China and how it is represented through the development of an economic and cultural imaginary. In particular, my dissertation analyses tensions between diverse understandings of 'expertise' held by different actors investing in the Shanghai stock market. In Shanghai, financialisation is creating a 'stock fever' that has engulfed the whole society in a competitive game of the financial market transcending the boundaries between rich and poor, formal and informal, urban and rural. 

My publications include: Dal Maso, G 2015, 'The financialisation rush: responding to precarious labor and social security by investing in the Chinese stock market', South Atlantic Quarterly, vol. 114, no. 1, pp. 47-64.

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