Dan Musil

'Co-Operating for a Just Transition' – Relationships to Economy, Work, Low-Carbon Transition and the Earthworker Cooperative

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy 

Supervisors: Katherine Gibson, Stephen Healy, Louise Crabtree and Gerda Roelvink

Photo of Dan Musil

I completed my undergraduate studies (Geography and Economics majors, first class honours) at the University of Melbourne. I am interested in how our understandings of and engagements with ‘the economy’ might be re-framed and re-worked in consideration of environmental, labour and justice concerns, and through unconventional economic forms like worker-cooperatives. In particular, I am interested in how these often distinct concerns might converge in the context of low-carbon industrial transition for regions like Victoria’s coal-burning Latrobe Valley, where I currently live. My PhD research project is examining how a fledgling worker-cooperative network, the Earthworker Cooperative, is seeking to operate at the interface of trade union, environmental, community and business interests to create alternative economic futures in the Latrobe Valley and beyond. As well as a focus of the research, the Earthworker Cooperative project will function as a lens through which to investigate and theorise economic subjectivities and narratives of a ‘just transition’ for the Latrobe Valley. I am passionate about the ways that collaborative academic research can more directly engage and support community-led initiatives and efforts, which is why I am proud to be at the Institute for Culture and Society and involved in the Sydney Community Economies Research Network. 

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