Recent Graduates

Dr Luh Micke Anggraini - Exploring Balinese Sense of Place: A Tourism Planning Perspective. Graduated 2015.

Dr Megan Clement-Couzner - Gender and Economic Activism in the Diverse Economy. Graduated 2017.

Dr Diana Collett - Interplay of Cultural, Personal and Contextual Factors in Cross-Cultural Communication. Graduated 2015.

Dr Neroli Colvin - "…Diversity is Regarded as a Strength and an Asset": Multiculturalism as Understood, Valued and Lived in Two Regional Australian High Schools. Graduated 2017.

Dr Cecelia Cmielewski - Challenges of Leadership in Arts Policy and Practice in Multicultural Australia. Graduated 2018.

Dr Giulia Dal Maso - Risky Expertise in Chinese Financialisation: Haigui Returnee Migrants in the Shanghai Financial Market. Graduated 2017.

Dr Andrea Del Bono - Chinese and Italian Place Brands in Contemporary Sydney: Assembling Ethnicity and/in the City. Graduated 2016.

Dr George (Kev) Dertadian - Painkiller (Ab)use: The Discursive Construction and Lived Experience of Non-medical Consumption. Graduated 2016.

Dr Anne Hurni - A Good Place to Bring up the Kids? Urbanism, Transport and Healthy Child Development in Blacktown (Sydney). Graduated 2015.

Dr Sherene Idriss - The Just-In-Time Self: Young Arab Men, Skills and Narratives of Aspiration in the New Economy. Graduated 2015.

Dr Ece Kaya - Transforming Industrial Urban Waterfronts: Industrial Heritage and Tourism. Graduated 2017.

Marina Khan - Contested Ground: Migration Intermediaries Experiences of Network Governance in Australia Migration Industry. Graduated MRes 2017.

Dr Christiane Kühling - Rewriting Tourist Photography. Graduated 2018.

Dr Mithilesh Kumar - State and the Working Class in the Making of the Global Metropolis of Delhi. Graduated 2018.

Dr Isaac Lyne - Social Enterprise and Community Development: Theory into Practice in Two Cambodian Villages. Graduated 2017.

Dr Karin Mackay - Women's Wellbeing Through Creative Arts and Spiritual Practice: Reclaiming a Space for the Emergence of Self Within Community. Graduated 2015.

Dr Joanne McNeill - Enabling Social Innovation Assemblages: Strengthening Public Sector Involvement. Graduated 2017.

Dr Ethan Miller - Beyond Economy, Society and Environment: Toward a Politics of Ecological Livelihood in Maine, USA. Graduated 2015.

Kate Naidu - Issues of 'Interculturality' in Indonesian Language Teaching. Graduated MRes 2017.

Dr Pariece Nelligan - Walking the Vocational Tightrope: Narratives of Aspiration in the New Economy. Graduated 2015.

Dr Alejandro Miranda Nieto - Mobilities of Practice: The Circulation of Traditional Music Making Across Mexico and the United States. Graduated 2016.

Dr Tayanah O'Donnell - Exploring the Coastal Lawscape: Legal Geographies of Climate Change Adaptation in Two New South Wales Localities. Graduated 2018.

Dr Jack Parkin - Money/Code/Space Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Geographies of Algorithmic Decentralisation. Graduated 2018.

Dr Keith Parry - The Bad, The Good, and The Ugly: The Formation of Heroes within the Setting of a New Sports Team. Graduated 2017.

Dr Valeria Mikhailovna Pashkova - Arendt's Political Thought: the Relationship Between Truth and Politics. Graduated 2016.

Billy Pringle - Exploring Steven Lukes' 'Three-Dimensional' Theory of Power Through Analysis of Contemporary Australian Policy Discourse. Graduated MRes 2017.

Dr Harriette Richards - Fashioning Melancholia: A cultural history of sartorial representation in Aotearoa New Zealand. Graduated 2018.

Dr Shanna Robinson - Experimental Travel and Anti-Touristic Encounters. Graduated 2017.

Dr Hermann Ruiz - Writing Against Terror: a Different Vocabulary for Transitional Justice. Graduated 2018.

Dr Louise Ryan - Transcending Boundaries: The Arts of Islam Exhibition: Treasures from the Nassar D. Khalili Collection. Graduated 2016.

Dr Jen Sherman - Reading Infrastructures in the Contemporary City: a Study of Three Public Libraries in Sydney. Graduated 2017.

Dr Kearrin Sims - Laos in the Asian Century: Development, Displacement and Chinese Regionalism. Graduated 2016.

Dr Erika Smith - Kokoda Track: Stori Bilong Waitlain Tasol? (Kokoda Track: Only a Whiteman Story?). Graduated 2016.

Dr Timothy Ström - Mapping Google Maps: Critiquing an Ideological Vision of the World. Graduated 2018.

Dr Sebastian Martin Valdez - Communicational Rights and Media Policies in Argentina. Graduated 2018.

Dr Deborah Wall - Development, Governance and Indigenous People: Foregrounding the LNG Precinct Case in the Kimberley. Graduated 2016.

Dr Frances Williamson - Educating RINA: A Study of Generation 1.5 in the Australian Higher Education System. Graduated 2016.

Previous Graduates

Dr Ryan Al-Natour - Policy and Moral Panic in Australia. Graduated 2013.

Dr Aneela Babar - Living Room Seminaries: Negotiating religious networks, gendered selves and intercommunal relationships within the Pakistani diaspora. Graduated 2006.

Dr Iqbal Barkat - Gaps in Recognition: Media, Madness, Migration and Terrorism. Graduated 2014.

Dr Nathaniel Bavinton - The Production and Use of Space in the Night-time Economy. Graduated 2011.

Dr Claudia Magallanes Blanco - A dialogic approach to video activism as a conscious raising agent. Mexico and independent videos on the Zapatista rebellion. Graduated 2005.

Dr Barbara Bloch - "Unsettling Zionism" - Diasporic Consciousness and Australian Jewish Community Identities. Graduated 2006.

Dr Kaaren Blom - Rhetorics of risk: negotiating meaning in the public domain. Graduated 2007.

Dr Sebastian Byrne - Lessons with Jelena: The Rise of the Female Athlete in the Male Dominated Sporting Environment. Graduated 2012.

Dr Jayde Cahir - Traces of Trust: A study of text messaging in everyday life. Graduated 2011.

Dr Laura Calderon de la Barca - Bridges of Love: A Healing Journey for Mexican Identities. Graduated 2008.

Dr Alejandra Canales-Maldonaldo - Performing Water: A Documentary Fiction on the Cultural Futures of Water. Graduated 2012.

Dr Beatriz Cardona - Globalisation and the Biopolitics of Ageing. Graduated 2009.

Dr Liliana Correa - The Politics of Cultural Visibility. Graduated 2013.

Dr Daniel Cunningham - The 'Film' on Whiteness: depicting white trash in U.S. film, 1973-2003. Graduated 2004.

Dr Brenda Dobia - Shakti Yatra: Women on Pilgrimage to meet the Hindu Goddess of Desire. Graduated 2008.

Dr Reena Dobson - 'The Most Cosmopolitan Island under the Sun'? Negotiating Ethnicity and Nationhood in Everyday Mauritius. Graduated 2010.

Dr Tanja Dreher - From indifference to working in indifference: News and cultural diversity in Western Sydney. Graduated 2006.

Dr Selda Dagistanli - Boys like them: The role of the courts in moral panics surrounding 'Muslim' gang rape. Graduated 2008.

Dr Scott East - Global Citizenship: The Agency of the Museum Sector in Climate Change Interventions. Graduated 2013.

Dr Benjamin Eltham - Scale and Creative Output in Australian Arts Organisations. Graduated 2014.

Dr Bryn Evans - Commercialising National Identity: A critical examination of New Zealand's America's Cup Campaigns of 1987, 1992 and 1995, Graduated 2014.

Dr Glen Fuller - Modified-Car Culture of Western Sydney. Graduated 2008.

Dr Maria Glaros - A Cultural, Social and Historical Analysis of German, Italian and Japanese Women Living in Australia During WWII. Graduated 2013.

Dr Susie Goff - The value of participatory practice to sustainability: a constructivist inquiry into participatory knowledge generating practices. Graduated 2007.

Dr Mitzi Goldman - Hatred - The Psycho-Political Perspective. Graduated 2006.

Dr Fiona Grubb - Emerging Post-Fordism: Deindustrialisation and Transition in the Suburbs. Graduated 2012.

Dr Takeshi Hamano - Japanese Women Marriage Migrants Today: Negotiating Gender, Identity and Community in Search of a New Lifestyle in Western Sydney. Graduated 2011.

Dr Ashley Harris - Remember the time when.......: Investigating the associations and connections made by visitors at interpretation sites. Graduated 2011.

Dr Hilary (Hongjin) He - Hong Kong Cinema under "One Country, Two Systems": Production, Reception and Policy. Graduated 2012.

Dr Wendy Holland - Performing Multiple Identities: The Complexities of an Aboriginal Family History. Graduated 2006.

Dr Christopher Illert - Retrieval of South East Australian Aboriginal folk stories/art/songs and language. Graduated 2013.

Dr Valerie Ingham - The Art of Decision Making. Graduated 2010.

Dr Justine Humphry - I, Office: Configuring person and place in everyday office computing. Graduated 2010.

Dr Sarah James - Sharing Sydney Space: Settler, indigenous and migrant heritage on the urban fringe. Graduated 2010.

Dr Meredith Jones - Makeover Culture: Landscapes of Cosmetic Surgery. Graduated 2006.

Dr Jane Kent - Re-inventing the Goddess: Emanations of the Feminine Archetype in the Contemporary World. Graduated 2008.

Dr W R Langenbach - Performance Indicators: Performing the Singapore State 1988-1994. Graduated 2004.

Dr Garth Lean - Transformative Travel: The Socially Mobile De/Construction of Reality. Graduated 2012.

Dr Shelley Maher - Working Well with Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder: The Experience of Nurses and Clients. Graduated 2014.

Dr Georgina McClean - '...And in doing so, reflect Australia's multicultural society': The Contemporary Role of SBS. Graduated 2012.

Dr Ngaire McCubben - Living Cultural Diversity in Regional Australia: An Account of the Town of Griffith. Graduated 2008.

Dr Jane Mills - Re-imagining Hollywood: global, national and local cinemas and the circulation of ideas. Graduated 2008.

Dr Granaz Moussavi - The Aesthetics of Poetry in Iranian Cinema. Graduated 2012.

Dr Enda Murray - A Filmic Exploration of Personal Experience in Irish Migration to Australia. Graduated 2013.

Dr Gopal Nair - Rethinking Fiji Coups: Corporate Domination and an Unseen Order. Graduated 2011.

Dr Cathy O'Callaghan - Negotiating the Challenge of Cultural Diversity in Children's Health Care: The Australian Context. Graduated 2013.

Dr Willem Paling - Mobility, Modernity, Identity: The World in Phnom Penh and Phnom Penh in the World. Graduated 2013.

Dr Josna Pankhania - Personal and inter-cultural processes associated with yoga practice in Australia and in India. Graduated 2008.

Dr Xiaoying Sheila Qi – Paradoxical Integration: Globalised Knowledge Flows and Chinese Concepts in Social Theory. Graduated 2012.

Dr Ingrid Richardson - Telebodies/Televisions: Corporeality and Agency in Technoculture - a critical analysis of televisual and new media technologies. Graduated 2004.

Dr Cristina Rocha - Zen in Brazil: The Quest for Cosmopolitan Modernity. Graduated 2004.

Dr Bettina Rösler - Reimagining Cultural Diplomacy through Cosmopolitan Linkages: Australian Artists-in-Residence in Asia. Graduated 2014.

Dr Jioji Ravulo - The Development of Anti Social Behaviour in Pacific Youth. Graduated 2010.

Ryan Sengara - Redfern Kids Connect - Technology and Empowerment. Graduated 2006.

Dr Colin Sheringham - The Relationship of Leisure Time to Food Habits. Graduated 2008.

Dr Shane Smithers - The Evolution of Ideas and their Function: a general theory of ideology. Graduated 2008.

Dr Lynne Spender - The Digital generation and Cultural change. Graduated 2009.

Dr Adam Trau - Tourism, Development and World Heritage at Chief Roi Mata's Domain, Vanuatu. Graduated 2013.

Dr Selvaraj Velayutham - Responding to Globalisation: Nation, Culture and Identity in Singapore. Graduated 2004.

Dr Phillip Wadds - Policing Nightlife: The Representation and Transformation of Security in Sydney's Night-Time Economy. Graduated 2013.

Dr Dinesh Wadiwel - Lubricity: Power, Sovereign Violence and Erotic Hope. Graduated 2006.

Dr Tony Webb - Towards a Mature Shame Culture. Graduated 2004.

Dr Jacqueline Willis - A Tale of Two Globalisations: Policy, Culture and Nationalism in Divided Korea. Graduated 2014.

Dr Michael Wilson - Accumulating Resilience: An investigation of the migration and resettlement experiences of young Sudanese people in the Western Sydney area. Graduated 2013.

Dr Joanna Winchester - Trends in Community - Arts Collaborations in Greater Western Sydney. Graduated 2013.

Dr Amanda Wise - No Longer in Exile: Shifting experiences of home, homeland and identity for East Timorese in Australia. Graduated 2003.

Dr Mathew Wolnicki - The Contribution of Protected Areas to Quality of Life in Rural and Regional Communities. Graduated 2010.

Dr Cristina Wulfhorst - Intimate Multiculturalism: blurred boundaries between Brazilians and Australians in Sydney. Graduated 2012.

Dr Su Anne Yap - What is status anxiety and how is it defined culturally. Graduated 2013.

Dr Cheryle Yin Lo - How can we broker and involve communities in research and decision making in natural resource management. Graduated 2013.

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