People sitting and talking while waiting for the seminar to begin.
Brett Bennett presenting at the ICS Seminar Series.
Dr Sonja van Wichelen introducing Professor Terry Flew.

ICS Seminar Series

The ICS Seminar Series involves the presentation and dissemination of an exciting breadth of social and cultural research in a range formats. The series includes presentations from the Institute's HDR students and staff, as well as a range of renowned visiting scholars.

The seminars are held on Thursdays at the Parramatta campus.

Postgraduate Seminars

ICS Postgraduate Seminars are scheduled throughout the year. These seminars provide the opportunity for current Higher Degree Research candidates to present and receive feedback on their research. Calls for papers and expressions of interest are advertised once seminar sessions are confirmed. If you have any queries, please contact the ICS Postgraduate Liaison Officer Christiane Kühling.

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Feature Video

Watch Professor Ien Ang’s seminar presentation on Navigating Complexity: From Cultural Critique to Cultural Intelligence, which formed part of a special issue of the journal Continuum.