ICS Seminar - 13 April 2023

YarnCountry / Foundations for Belonging: First Nations and Refugee Collaborations through Place and Technology

Presenter: Madison Shakespeare

Discussant: Bhavya Chitranshi

Chair: Louise Crabtree-Hayes


There is a need for more than mere acknowledgement of divergent belief systems that exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in research practices (Sherwood, 2013). Building upon prior collaborations with the partner organisation Settlement Services International (SSI), Foundations for Belonging Project 4: Refugee Understanding of Indigenous Lands and Contemporary Issues connects newly arrived refugees with Indigenous Country and First Nations Custodians. Involving an interface methodology (Durie, 2005) this project harnesses MAPIMO YARNCOUNTRY – an Indigenous-led project within MAPIMO, a digital emotion mapping tool, to engage refugee participants in Indigenous Australian cultural yarning on and about Country. Privileging an Indigenous epistemological approach (Rigney, 2017) to engage refugee participants in yarning on Country and employing decolonising methodologies that involve refugee participants in online Indigenous-led focus groups, evoked enriching insight on the nexus between First Nations and refugee experiences. These findings are essential in informing relationships and shared encounters between Australian First Nations and refugee peoples.

Presenter Bio

Madison Shakespeare is an Indigenous artist, filmmaker, poet, novelist, and musician. Identifying proudly as a Gadigal saltwater woman, Madison seeks to ensure she lives her life as a Custodian of Country where education founded on creative, open-teaching and learning forums provides contextually meaningful ways to understand and address the impact of Colonisation in Australia. As a lecturer in the Indigenous Major Degree at Western Sydney University, she has a diverse career as an educational mentor, teacher and consultant for students, teachers, and executive staff in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary arenas.

Event Details

Date & Time: Thursday, 13 April 2023, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Venue: EB.3.38, Parramatta South Campus & Via Zoom