Currently Funded Research Projects 2021

ICNS has a number of funded research projects running at any given point in time.

ICNS research projects aim to have a profound impact in their particular field and often involve collaboration with local and international researchers.

Below is a detailed list of each currently funded projects.

International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems

Project TitleChief InvestigatorsFunding SourceYears

ARC Training Centre in Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies.

[via Uni Melb]
André van SchaikARC Training Centre in Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies2017-2022
Neuromorphic Audio-Visual Scene Analysis for Underwater Collision Avoidance (DIN Pilot Project)André van Schaik
Ying Xu
Saeed Afshar
DIN Pilot Project + UTS2021 - 2022
Neuromorphic Vision Systems for Next Generation Space Situational AwarenessAndré van Schaik
Greg Cohen
Defence Innovation Hub (DIH), Australia2019- 2022
Turn-key neuromorphic solution for deep learningAndré van Schaik
Mark Wang
Vijna Labs Pvt Ltd2019- 2022
Sprite Imaging with High Speed Neuromorphic Event Based Camera ImagingAndré van Schaik
Greg Cohen
United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)2020- 2022
South Australian Multi Sensor Space ObservatoryGreg CohenDepartment of Defence/Silentium2020- 2021
Event-based sensing in the underwater environmentGregory Cohen
Moritz Milde
André van Schaik
Saeed Afshar
Office of Naval Research2020- 2022
Neuromorphic Muscle Activity Sensing and Processing for ProstheticsAndré van SchaikBaxter Charitable Foundation2020- 2022
Event-Based Cameras and Their Potential Applications to Space Situational Awareness André van Schaik
Gregory Cohen
Airforce Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)2018- 2021
Neuromorphic Processors for Cyber Security Applications at the Edge (NGTF)André van Schaik
Saeed Afshar
Department of Defence2021- 2023
Feasibility of Event Based Vision Sensors servicing the Artemis SpacecraftAndré van Schaik  
Greg Cohen
Thales / ICNS collaborative research agreement: Moon to Mars project2021- 2022
Machine Learning for Networked Event Based Vision SensorsAndré van Schaik
Greg Cohen
Northrop Grumman2019 - 2021
JP 9360André van Schaik
Greg Cohen
NPILF – WSU internal funding2021- 2022