Research Students

Sami’s thesis title is "Neuromorphic Perception for Greenhouse Technology"
Samalika’s thesis title is "A turn-key neuromorphic solution for deep learning".
Ram's thesis title is "Computational Approaches to Musical Auditory Processing".
Research Student
Nicholas' thesis title is "Exploring Space Situational Awareness with Neuromorphic Event-Based Sensors".
Md Atiqul's thesis title is "An Application of Auditory Periphery Model in Speech Processing".
Yeshwanth’s thesis title is "Reinforcement learning using spiking neural networks and event-based sensors"
Yeshwanth Ravi Theja Bethi
Priyanka’s thesis title is "Automatic Real-Time Recognition of Objects in Photos and Videos on Edge Devices".
Titus' thesis title is "Targeting therapy for Sleep Apnoea: A Novel Personalised Approach".
Titus Jayarathna