Dr Bharath Ramesh


Lecturer in Neuromorphic Engineering/Academic Program Advisor, Master of Neuromorphic Engineering


Dr. Bharath Ramesh joined ICNS in Aug 2020 as a Lecturer in Neuromorphic Engineering and later took on the role of Academic Program Advisor for the Master of Neuromorphic Engineering program. In this multifaceted role, Bharath combines his extensive research background with a commitment to guiding and mentoring students in their academic journeys. Bharath's prior teaching and mentoring experience seamlessly integrate into formal classroom settings at Western Sydney University.

Bharath is dedicated to expanding his research efforts significantly, with a primary focus on AI and Neuromorphic Engineering, within the larger context of Industry 4.0. Within the realm of Industry 4.0, his research encompasses a diverse range of interdisciplinary topics like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cyber-physical systems into real world applications and processes. My goal is to explore how these technologies can revolutionize smart systems in providing privacy and user-centric experiences, ultimately shaping the future of modern society.

Before joining ICNS, Bharath served as a senior research fellow and principal investigator at the N.1 Institute for Health, formerly known as SINAPSE. Prior to that, he contributed to defense research initiatives as a scientist at Temasek Laboratories @ National University of Singapore.

As the Academic Program Advisor for the Master of Neuromorphic Engineering, Bharath brings his expertise and passion to guide students in their educational journey, ensuring they have the tools and support needed to excel in this dynamic field.

Research Interests

  • Advanced Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Techniques for privacy-centric edge systems
  • Event-based cameras for autonomous sensing and navigation
  • Object recognition and related areas such as scene understanding, face recognition, and object detection for silicon retinal, event-based cameras on-board unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Cyber-Physical Systems in Smart Environments, incorporating IoT sensor data and privacy-centric edge systems for optimal learning strategies

Qualifications and Honours

  • PhD, National University of Singapore, 2015
  • MSc, National University of Singapore, 2011
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Anna University, 2009


For a full listing of my publications, please see my Google Scholar page.


Western Sydney University Penrith campus (Werrington South)