Kathy Glavas


Centre Manager (International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems ICNS)

Position Overview

Centre Manager for the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems (ICNS) is responsible for the operational management of the centre across facilities, staffing, finance, communications and stakeholder management. The Centre Manager will work closely with the Institute Manager, Centre Director, Institute Director and researchers to ensure all Centre activities are supported by effective and efficient processes and procedures.

Position Responsibilities

Major responsibilities include:

  • Financial Management including budgeting, reporting, expense management and procurement.
  • Administrative functions including document management and commercial management, reports and briefings.
  • Stakeholder management including both internal business units and external clients.
  • Administrative support of research projects and grant submissions


Email k.glavas@westernsydney.edu.au
Phone +61 2 4736 2887
Location Western Sydney University, Werrington South Campus