Postgraduate Students

PhD Candidates


Christopher Cheng is the first ACIAC doctoral degree scholarship award winner and he works under Dr Denis Byrne from Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), Western Sydney University, on "The China-Australia Heritage Corridor", a major research project funded by the Australian Research Council. His PhD project on the legacy of modern schools in Chung-shan (Zhongshan) brings together his background and interest in overseas Chinese, migrant heritage and people-place relations; and in doing so, preserves the living memories of Cantonese emigrants in Australia.


Beacons of modern learning Diasporafunded schools in the China-Australia corridor (opens in a new window)

From Banana Plantations to Schools The role of remittances from Australia to South China (opens in a new window)

Looking Beyond Ruins From Material Heritage to a Grassroots-based Modernity in Southern China (opens in a new window)

Resilience of an inshore fishing population in Hong Kong Paradox and potential for sustainable fishery policy (opens in a new window)

《汤斯维尔先锋营运超市的梁华立》(opens in a new window)

《僑批文化與華僑的情感記憶》(opens in a new window)

《有華僑的地方就有僑批》(opens in a new window)

Ruiyuan Wang is a PhD candidate who works under the supervision of Prof. Jing Han, Assoc. Prof. Bruno Di Biase, and Assoc. Prof. Mark Antoniou. Her research is to explore the effect of language environment on interpreting performance, and on cognitive processing abilities. She holds Master’s Degree in Interpreting and Translation in Western Sydney University. She’s very active in attending activities hosted by the university and ACIAC. She was the co-MC for 2018 Cross-Strait and Australia Higher Education Forum, and she also recited one of Qu Yuan’s poems in 2018 Duanwu Poetry Panel for ACIAC.ruiyuan wang

John Cui is a winner of ACIAC’s PhD scholarship (beginning from 2018) and he works with Professor Anthony Uhlmann and Professor Nicholas Jose from Writing and Society Research Centre, Professor Jing Han from the School of Humanities and Communication Arts of Western Sydney University on a comparative project that looks into the similarities and differences between Chinese Inner Mongolian language writing and indigenous Australian writing (with a focus on Alexis Wright’s work). John has had experience in the translation of Chinese novels into English. His doctoral project involves the translation of a Mongolian language novel into English and an in-depth consideration of the various issues involved in the process.

Tao (Vincent) Song is a winner of ACIAC’s PhD scholarship. He works under the supervision of Professor Jing Han and Dr Alex Ling from the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at the Western Sydney University. He received his M.A. (Translation Studies) from the University of Portsmouth, and M.A. (Applied Linguistics) and B.A. from Xi’an Jiaotong University. His doctoral project is on the intersemiotic audio-visual translation of Chinese TV programs. By analysing how visual, audio and verbal elements make meaning in the translated TV programs, Tao aims to uncover the mechanism which regulates the reformulation of the source texts into subtitles, which in turn could serve as guidelines for professional subtitlers.

 Tao Song PhD
Yanmei Liu is a PhD candidate who works under the supervision of Prof. Jing Han, Assoc. Prof. Xiaoshu Zhu, Dr Kenny Wang, and Assoc. Prof. Wenhua Li. She holds a Master’s Degree in Interpreting and Translation and a Master’s Degree in Natural Sciences. Her research is to analyse English translation patterns of metaphors used in terms and phrases that relate to TCM diagnosis and treatment and discuss the major considerations in translating such metaphors by conducting a comparative study on different versions of translated Chinese classical medical texts.Yan mei PhD

Christine Le is a PhD candidate who works under the supervision of Professor Jing Han, Dr Asha Chand and Dr Chong Han on a comparative study on Presenting News through Recontextualised Texts: A linguistic choice or a political choice? which looks into the impact of different translation and/or reporting strategies towards readers’ comprehension at the discourse level of bilingual Australian and Chinese media online. Christine holds the degree of Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Queensland and has over 10 years’ practice in translation and interpreting industry.

Lele PhD

Master of Cross-Cultural Relations


Rui Dou

Creating emotional resonances: Guidelines for programming Chinese-orientated and Chinese-Australian hybridities within concerts in Sydney

Supervisor: Associate Professor Bruce Crossman

Rui Dou BW

Wenqian Xia

Representation of sexual and gender minorities in Australian Chinese media over the last 20 years

Supervisors: Professor Kerry Robinson and Dr Peter Bensel

Wenqian BW

Yan Xiong

The Role of Chinese Art Exhibitions in Cultural Diplomacy

Supervisor: Dr David Cubby

Xiong Yan BW

Tian Zhang

Home and Belonging: A Comparison of Works of Wenxuan Cao and Sonya Hartnett

Supervisor: Dr Di Dickenson

Zhang Tian BW

Chuanqian Zhao

Sports diplomacy and Australia-China Cultural Exchanges - case study of Li Na as sports diplomat of Australian Open

Supervisor: Associate Professor Jorge Dorfman Knijnik

Chuanqian Zhao BW

Ting Li

The Analysis of Translating Animal Terms into Chinese in Li Yao’s Translation of Alexis Wright’s Carpentaria

Supervisor: Dr Chong Han

Li Ting

Xian Xu

The impact of creative drama on Chinese-Australian teenagers’ families’ conflict

Supervisor: Dr David Wright

Angela Xu

Yaqian Zhou

The impact of creative drama on Chinese-Australian teenagers’ families’ conflict

Supervisor: Dr Alison Gill

Echo Zhou

Cynthia Li

Destination Identity, Multiculturalism, and Sydney’s Lunar New Year Festival

Supervisor: Professor Megan Watkins

Cynthia Li

Yijun Ou

The Analysis of Sino-Australian Co-production Film: Case Study of The 33 Postcards and Guardians of the Tomb

Supervisor: Associate Professor Anne Rutherford

yijun ou

Master of Research


Lindsay Liu

Reception Studies of If You Are The One                                                                                                           

Supervisor: Professor Jing Han

 Lindsay Photo

Iris Wang

How machine translation afftects current language

Supervisor: Professor Jing Han

Iris Wang