Catch up Online: Inspired and Inspiring - A Candid Conversation with Artist Zhou Xiaoping

In 1988 a Chinese artist named Zhou Xiaoping came to Australia for his solo exhibition in Melbourne. Then he took a trip to Alice Spring. Travelling alone to Uluru, he got lost in the desert on a scorching day with the temperature as high as 50°C. Miraculously, he was rescued by three Aboriginal boys. That adventure marked the beginning of Xiaoping’s 30-year journey of living with and learning from Aboriginal people and artists. His special bond and friendships with artists Jimmy Pike and Johnny Bulunbulun saw to their collaborative art exhibitions in China and in Australia. Not only has Xiaoping developed a deep understanding of and respect for Aboriginal traditions and beliefs, he shares their love for unobstructed connections with nature and the simplicity of life. Today Zhou Xiaoping is a highly accomplished and critically acclaimed artist with a distinctive style, marked by a unique fusion of Chinese, Aboriginal and Anglo-Australian arts and traditions.

In this conversation, the artist will share his extraordinary experiences in his artistic journey from China to Arnhem Land - a journey of sheer courage, resilience and determination. Following the conversation, there will be a live Q&A