Music in Society Webinar 2 - Self-Alienation in Sinophone Music

Music in Society (1920 x 1005 px)

There is much to be discovered through the study of diverse musical genres from Aboriginal songlines and Gaelic singing, to Qing Dynasty chant and Alaskan hip hop. Far from occupying an autonomous space, music’s profound ability to reflect and create social conditions, and the relationship between music practitioners, listeners and the environment, continues to be an ongoing and meaningful area of investigation amongst emerging and established researchers alike.

This online ethnomusicological series features key figures in music scholarship known for their considerable experience in working between cultures related to their musical interests.

Gavin Lee a

Webinar 2 | Friday 7 October, 12.15-1.15 pm (Zoom Webinar)

Self-Alienation in Sinophone Music

Dr Gavin Lee | Soochow University

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