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The Chinese Youth League (CYL), a progressive patriotic organisation, is one of the few surviving political organisations of the early Chinese diaspora in Australia. [1] It was established in Sydney on 1 July 1939...As relations between China and Australia 'normalised' after 1973, the CYL's previous political commitments were superseded by the cultural, sporting and welfare concerns of Chinese Australians. The radical past of the Chinese Youth League faded into the background and politics were less and less in command. A bridge of solidarity had been built by the CYL from 1939 until 1973. Thereafter, as the Cold War receded and as China underwent political and economic transformation, the political significance of the Chinese Youth League diminished.
We are pleased to announce that Music and Spirituality will take place this year. Music has been an intrinsic part of human spirituality for centuries. The spiritual efficacy of music is a well-acknowledged fact in social and scholarly discourse, from songs received through dreams in northeast Arnhem Land, to the highly ritualised repertories of Confucian worship (Marrett 2005; Russell and Wilkins 2012; Steben 2012). Music and Spirituality brings together papers and creative works expounding this age-old phenomenon with special attention to intercultural and interdisciplinary practice in the new millennium. With the ongoing development of transnationalism and further emergence of hybrid forms, what is the future of the time-honoured relationship between music and spirituality as we advance into the next decade of the digital age?
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