Buddha's Birthday Multicultural Concert


Date: Monday, 5 April 2021

Sessions: 11.30-12.20pm & 1.30-2.20pm

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Lord Buddha’s birth is a time of great happiness for many around the world. With the easing of restrictions, we wish to magnify this joyous occasion through the celebration of song, music and movement from diverse cultures.

The Hsing Yun Education Foundation, in its very first official collaboration with the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture (ACIAC) at Western Sydney University, is proud to present a unique and uplifting concert featuring some of the finest artists from Sydney and Greater NSW.

The impressive line-up includes Sydney Conservatorium’s Chinese Music Ensemble and young classical virtuosos from the Rising Stars program, Dr Lulu Liu with the Australian Pipa Association, critically-acclaimed sopranos Shirin Majd and Carina Li, composers Dr Terumi Narushima (University of Wollongong) and Dr Nicholas Ng (ACIAC), and many more.

This multicultural event abides by one of the central precepts of Humanistic Buddhism—that of inclusivity and universal acceptance regardless of gender, race, creed, and class.

Hosted by Andy Trieu from SBS, we hope that this performance brings light, love and peace into the hearts of everyone present while instilling a sense of hope for the future.


時間:2021年4月5日 (星期一)



星雲大師教育基金會與西悉尼大學澳中藝術與文化學院首次合作,共同推出一台獨特而令人積極向上的音樂會,這場音樂會邀請到了悉尼和新州最優秀的表演藝術家,包括悉尼音樂學院中華音樂合奏團和“後起之秀”項目的古典樂曲演奏家、劉璐博士及澳大利亞琵琶協會、廣受好評的女高音 Shirin Majd 和 李盈, 臥龍崗大學的作曲家 Terumi Narushi 博士和西悉尼大學澳中藝術與文化學院的黄建文博士,等等。


音樂會由SBS 的 Andy Trieu主持。希望表演帶給大家光明、愛與和平,以及對未來的希望。