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Kevin Rudd AC, 26th Prime Minister of Australia, discusses ideas from his new book, "The Avoidable War: The Dangers of a Catastrophic Conflict between the US and Xi Jinping's China", in conversation with Professor Jocelyn Chey AM.
kevin rudd
Despite its long history and being largely directed at Chinese people, confusion about what the dictation test was and how it was implemented continued throughout its existence and much confusion remains even today. Based on his recent publication – "Australia’s Dictation Test" - Michael will explore the history of this fake test to tease out some of the many issues and contradictions this ‘test’ generated.
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Episode Four features Kevin Hobgood-Brown AM, one of a small group of international lawyers to work in Beijing in the early 1980s. In this Episode, Kevin will reflect on his years teaching at Peking University, on observing China’s reforms evolve over 39 years and on his abandoned dream to have tried every Sichuan restaurant in Beijing.
Kevin My China Story 2
Guiding you through how to fold, cut and create, Zu will explain the symbolic meaning behind the patterns and take you on a journey to make art in the style of freehand cut through traditional Chinese papercutting technique.
This webinar will use Chinese Australian newspapers published during the late 1890s to bring to light Chinese migrants’ perspectives on the practices of Aboriginal protection invoked in the legislation’s title, and to delineate a distinctly Chinese approach to settler colonial governance prior to federation.
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The Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture (IAC) is launching a distinctive, face-to-face conversation series entitled My China Story to build a three-dimensional understanding of China.
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With the continuation of the global pandemic and its severe repercussions, it is of utmost importance for us to attend to our mental and physical health while in extended lockdown. The health benefits of music and meditation alike are generally well accepted in traditional and contemporary societies across the world. In this second response to the global pandemic, IAC Research Fellow Dr Nicholas Ng has curated a collection of original music written by himself in collaboration with various musicians to help relax the mind and create feelings of peace and calm.
Music for Meditation
Lord Buddha’s birth is a time of great happiness for many around the world. As we manage our way through these COVID times, we wish to re-connect with communities and celebrate this joyous occasion through song and music from diverse cultures.
Buddha's Birthday
This project, initiated by Burwood Council, brings together 9 of the finest performers from the Open Academy Rising Stars program at Sydney Conservatorium. Mostly resident in Burwood, our young musicians present a musical feast that is truly inspiring not simply by virtuosity alone, but due to the many emotions that reflect our recent time of extended lockdown and the release that followed.
Burwood Beat:Rising Star
Following Federation, Chinese-Aboriginal families in Queensland laboured under numerous legislative frameworks including the Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act (1897) which could be construed as designed to discourage the existence of these families. Simultaneously Indigenous and Alien in their own Country, Aboriginal women either legally married to or in long-term relationships with Chinese men, were subjected to scrutiny by the local police engaged in their diverse legislative roles.
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