Video Recording: Sydney Sacred Music Festival Forum Seminar Sessions

Addressing the central theme of ‘sacred creativity in the postdigital age’, this forum brings together some of the world's leading practitioners and thinkers in the field of spiritually-inspired music and related art forms. Are we transitioning away from technology to return more to nature? Where will the 'new normality' take us creatively as a result of the global pandemic?

Session 1
Sacred Creativity: the Situation Now

Dr Nicholas Ng

Prof Jocelyn Chey (Western Sydney University)
Geoff Wood (ABC Radio National)
A/Prof Bruce Crossman (Western Sydney University)
Dr Mahesh Radhakrishnan (Sydney Conservatorium of Music)

Session 2
Sacred Creativity: Changing Cultural Paradigms

Richard Petkovic

Dr Georgia Curran (Sydney Conservatorium of Music)
Dr Giorgio Scalici (NOVA University Lisbon)
Raghav Handa (Performing Lines)
Prof Yu Hui (Yunnan University)