Video Recording of ACIAC Exhibition Opening: "Essence, Energy, Spirit" by Guan Wei

The exhibition was opened by the Vice-Chancellor and President of Western Sydney University Professor Barney Glover on 24 October 2019. Dr Geoff Raby, the Chair of ACIAC Advisory Board, gave his guest speech, telling his stories about the artist. The artist Guan Wei shared his creative experiences during the soft quiz with Professor Jing Han, Director of ACIAC. The interesting Q&A showed insights on Guan Wei's artistic and creative thinking. The exhibition opening was well attended and overwhelmingly well received.

The exhibition Essence, Energy, Spirit (opens in a new window) by Guan Wei, is comprised of three distinct series of work from his personal collection. It aptly captures the recurring themes of Guan Wei's art practice, and reminds us of the consequences of a fast paced, technology driven, western lifestyle, which can be transcended, if we remember our essence, energy and spirit and how to nurture them.


Date: 14 October 2019 –  21 February 2020

Venue: Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture Gallery, Building EA.G.03, Parramatta South Campus, Western Sydney University. Corner of James Ruse Drive and Victoria Road, Rydalmere.

Gallery Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 10.00 am – 3.00 pm, Friday 11:00am - 3pm

guan wei opening images