Key People

Dean of School
Professor Peter Hutchings 

Deputy Dean, Acting
Dr Dianne Dickenson

Director, Engagement
Associate Professor Gwyneth Howell  

Director, Higher Degree Research
Dr Matt McGuire 

Director, Research
Professor Brett Bowden 

Director, International
Dr Anna Pertierra 

Directors of Academic Programs
Associate Professor Carol Liston, Arts
Dr Milissa Deitz, Communication
Ms Katrina Sandbach, Design
Associate Professor Sally Macarthur, Music
Dr Kenny Wang, I&T, Languages and Linguistics 

School Manager
Dr Helen Feng

Technical & Facilities Manager
Mr Franco Di Dio

First Year Advisors
Dr Rachel Morley, Communications, Design and Music
Dr Margaret Hanlon, Humanities, Languages and Linguistics

School Disability Coordinator
Dr Alison Moore

Blended Learning Advisor
Ms Fiona Thurn

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