Our People

Working together to cultivate a dynamic and innovative culture that creates a distinctly research-driven and student-centred University

We are pleased to present the new People Strategy for Western Sydney University.  Please click here (PDF, 7381.82 KB) (opens in a new window) or the red button on the right, to download your copy of the strategy. Our People Securing Success connects the University’s Securing Success Strategic Plan to our capable and dedicated staff, serving the Greater Western Sydney community.  It aims to ensure that all staff, professional and academic, have access to the support and development they need to pursue opportunities for future growth and advancement.

It will also realise improved mechanisms for leadership development, cross-unit collaboration, recognition and reward. Our People Securing Success will support the University’s strategic goal to foster a dynamic, diverse, inclusive and innovative culture. It is a living, breathing strategy that will be implemented over the next three years. The success of the strategy will depend on individual and collective engagement, at all levels of the University, as it continues to strive to secure success for the region.

Potential Unlimited

Our People Securing Success will ensure the re-imagining of the University’s Employee Value Proposition that will underpin its employer of choice objectives and engage an innovative 21st Century workforce.

Working Groups

Working Groups

The following working groups have been set up to include a diverse range of professional and academic staff to contribute and test ideas in an area that they feel most enthusiastic in.  The full list of groups are:
  • Cross-Unit Cooperation
  • Change and Innovation
  • Support for Teaching
  • Support for Research
  • Leadership Development
  • Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Career Opportunity
  • Recognition and Reward

Responsibilities of the Working Groups

Working Groups will initially focus on developing actionable items for key areas of concern raised in the 2018 MyVoice results, complementing the valuable work being done at local level, by Schools and Divisional Units. The groups will also develop ideas that will drive key OPSS projects and initiatives over the course of the three year implementation period. Specifically, each Working Group will:

  • develop a deep understanding of the published MyVoice survey data that relates to their group;
  • ensure that every staff member has a chance to contribute to the discussion, and
  • drive the development of actionable items that consider the needs of all staff across the organisation and seek to answer the questions: “what we can do?” and “how can we achieve it?”


Staff will have an opportunity to contribute to the implementation of Our People Securing Success, in a meaningful way that will continue to help the University continue to build a dynamic and innovative culture. Staff will:

  • have the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with staff from different areas of the university;
  • extend their networks;
  • contribute their ideas that will drive culture change through participatory-decision making, and
  • gain experience in a significant strategic transformation initiative.

Working Group Size and Timing

Each working group will have up to 12 members of staff, from across the organisation, led by an Academic and Professional staff Co-Chair. It is envisioned that the Working Groups will continue to function for the duration of the implementation period of the OPSS strategy, through to the end of 2021.  The groups will initially meet on a monthly basis. However, the meeting schedule will be reviewed in late 2019, with a view to reducing the time commitment required.


The OPSS project team will work to ensure that your commitment won’t become too onerous and understands your time is highly valuable. As such, the team will support the Working Groups by:

  1. Providing a fully developed Terms-of-Reference to the working group.
  2. Establishing a Microsoft Teams site to help manage meetings and documents.
  3. Providing secretariat support.
  4. Ensuring project team representation at each meeting.
  5. Providing governance and procedural advice, if required.

The OPSS project team is further supported by a governing Steering Committee, chaired by Angelo Kourtis and a Project Control Group, chaired by Kay Hempsall.

For more information please email ourpeople@westernsydney.edu.au