Staff OnLine - FAQs

Who do I contact for assistance?

User Guides and FAQ's are available in Staff Online under the 'Help' menu.

Alternatively you can contact the HR Helpline on 9678 7575 or email

What if I've forgotten my password?

Your password for Staff OnLine is your WesternAccount password. To manage your WesternAccount password go to About WesternAccount or contact the ITD Service Desk on 9852 5111 or email

What software do I need to run Staff OnLine?

To access and run Staff Online you will need a PC with internet access and a supported web browser. The web browser currently supported is Internet Explorer.

Can Staff OnLine be accessed from home?

Yes, Staff OnLine can be accessed from any PC with internet access.

How do I print out my payslips?

In order to print a payslip from Staff OnLine you need open the Payslip you wish to print and click on the Staff OnLine print button.

Who can access Staff OnLine?

Staff OnLine is available to Western Sydney University staff members engaged on a permanent or fixed term contract basis (including casuals). New staff members will be notified by the Office of Human Resources when their access to Staff OnLine is available.

What happens to a request once I submit it?

Once you have submitted a leave request or timesheet on Staff OnLine, a 'Success!' message will appear. This message indicates that your request has been sent to your Approver who will automatically receive an email alerting them of your request. Once your request is actioned by your approver you will receive an email notification. You can view the status of your requests at any time by clicking 'My Requests' on the main menu.

What if I make an incorrect request?

If your leave request or timesheet has not yet been approved, you can delete this request by clicking on 'My Requests' on the Main Menu. Once you have clicked this, a page displaying your request will appear. Click in the delete box for the request you wish to change and press the delete button. Then re-submit the correct request if required. If the request has already been approved by your Supervisor, you will need to email your HR Officer requesting to reverse the leave, (include your Supervisor's approval attached to the email). 

Who can I contact if my details on Staff OnLine are incorrect?

If you have any queries regarding your details (pay, leave balance etc) on Staff OnLine, please contact the HR Helpline on 9678 7575 or email