Establishing/ changing a position - Guidelines

All new positions are to be established prior to submitting a recruitment requisition.

Positions being established or modified must be within approved budget and approved in line with appropriate (Delegations policy). A copy of delegation approval must be kept by the request originator for compliance purposes.

All new position requests, changes to existing position data and position deletion requests must be submitted using the Request a new or variation to Permanent / Fixed-Term Position or Contract (Establishment). This form is to be completed in its entirety, approved and returned via your HR Partner.

For new and reclassified positions, the form must be accompanied by the Position Description Classification/Reclassification Form and proposed org chart. To progress Position Descriptions for approval of the evaluation level, the budget and funding details of the position, the rationale for the position change, and the Dean/Director's recommendation need to be provided. Speak to your HR Partner for information regarding this process.

Fixed Term Positions

Fixed-term positions are established for a fixed period of time, or for a defined task or project. Details regarding the circumstances under which a fixed term contract be offered can be found in our Staff Agreements.

Research Assistants will be attached to the Academic who is responsible for the funding of the project for reporting purposes. The costing will be established in line with the funding and sit within the appropriate Research Centre. The Research Assistant's term of employment must be equal to or less than the term of the research grant. (Timesheets must be submitted for processing before the grant expires)

Academic Positions

Academic positions should reflect the same information for grade and title as the incumbent.

When an Academic is appointed to fill a fixed term role on a concurrent basis, they will retain their substantive role in the relevant school, for example, Dean of School.

Positions will be established at the lower level where there is a request to establish a broadband graded role, for example, Lecturer or Senior Lecturer.   If the successful candidate meets the criteria for the higher graded role, then both the position and incumbent data will be amended to reflect the higher status.

Work Function Definitions

1= Teaching Only
2= Research Only
3=Teaching & Research, and
4= Other.

All general staff members would be assigned the value 4.

Academic staff who do not have a student load are also assigned 4.

This is the expected value for academic staff performing an administrative role.

Concurrent Roles

Concurrent roles may be established to provide a manageable means to appropriately end date any short to medium term arrangement when the variation is intended for a defined period of time (for example, a secondment or higher duties placement). It also assists staffing to determine before the dates are reached, whether to extend the arrangements (as approved by line managers), or otherwise by reports.

Part Time Positions

Positions cannot exceed Full Time Equivalent of 1.0.

An ongoing employee engaged full time, may apply to work part time to better balance personal and work commitments. If they are given approval, the University will provide them written advice in terms of section 12(2) of the UWS Professional Staff Agreement 2014-2017 (PDF, 1384.84 KB) (opens in a new window) and section 12(2) UWS Academic Staff Agreement 2014-2017.

The position would continue to reflect position fraction of 100% (unless requested otherwise), so that the remainder of the role could be back-filled. If the incumbent of a position works reduced hours for longer than 24 months, consideration should be given to changing the status and position fraction of the role, to match the incumbent's status.

Part time work arrangements may be varied by agreement in writing between an employee and their supervisor in line with the provisions in the relevant Staff Agreement.

Casual Positions

In order to create a casual position, please submit the Create or Amend Casual Position to the Casual Employment team, along with approval from the School Manager or relevant line Manager.