Who Bleeds Wins Blood Drive

Event Name
Who Bleeds Wins Blood Drive
1 August 2019

Address (Room): Your local Australian Red Cross Centre


The SRC have organised a friendly inter-campus competition: the WHO BLEEDS WINS Blood Drive. From now until the 31st of October, staff and students may visit their nearby Red Cross donation centre, and by registering their campus online, or in the Donor Centre when making the donation, Red Cross will be able to tally the total donations for each campus. Last year, Western students and staff saved just short of 300 lives with their donations. We have currently saved collectively over 110 people and we are only in week 3! For more information and to register your campus or make an appointment to donate visit the below website. And remember WHO BLEEDS WINS!

Web page: https://my.donateblood.com.au/app/challenge/details/challenge_id/36

Name: Mandii Carr


Phone: 0433 626 344

School / Department: Student Representative Council