Who Bleeds Wins

Event Name
Who Bleeds Wins
1 August 2019
Bankstown Campus; Blacktown / Nirimba Campus; Campbelltown Campus; Central Business District; External; Hawkesbury Campus; Liverpool City Campus; Parramatta City Campus; Parramatta South Campus; Penrith (Kingswood) Campus; Penrith (Werrington North) Campus; Penrith (Werrington South) Campus

Address (Room): The Red Cross Donor Centre


This is a cross campus challenge, last years winners, Penrith took home the prize. Can your campus knock them off the leaders board to secure the win?! Visit your local red cross service centre to donate, let them know about the challenge. Let's aim to save over 300 lives together!

Name: Mandii


Phone: 0433626344

School / Department: Student Representative Council