TASA 2019 Conference: Diversity and Urban Growth

Event Name
TASA 2019 Conference: Diversity and Urban Growth
25 November 2019
Parramatta City Campus; Parramatta South Campus

Address (Room): Multiple locations across Parramatta City and South Campuses


The region is an ideal place to hold a sociology conference on the theme of Diversity & Urban Growth. GWS has one of the fastest growing populations in the country and has the third largest economy in Australia. It is home to nearly 10% of all Australians, with 35% of its almost 2 million residents born overseas. It is also home to the largest single Indigenous community in the country. The combination of actors and capabilities in these spaces presents both successes and serious challenges for the region. The success of growth begs the questions of what gets expelled in the development and what are the causes of growing inequality. A little over 50 years since the sociologist Henri Lefebvre declared a ‘right to the city’ (le droit à la ville), the theme of Diversity & Urban Growth has never been more relevant, and will form the theoretical, conceptual and empirical basis for this TASA conference. We are very pleased to have keynotes/plenaries from extraordinary scholars such as Maggie Walter, Rob Stones, and Deborah Stevenson. We also have a number of innovative features at this year’s conference, including sessions with Indigenous peoples and events which seek to engage with the communities and civic structures of the region. Western Sydney University is committed to being ‘an anchor institution and leading advocate and champion for GWS and its people’ and ‘a research-led university with regional, national and global impact’. Hosting a TASA conference on Diversity & Urban Growth will help advance important dialogue about the trajectory of cities extending from Parramatta across the globe.

Speakers: Professor Deborah Stevenson (Institute for Culture and Society), Professor Rob Stones (Western Sydney University), Professor Maggie Walter (University of Tasmania)

Web page: https://www.tasa.org.au/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=671860&module_id=357514