Strength Based Early Learning (TeEACH) (Research Week 2020)

Event Name
Strength Based Early Learning (TeEACH) (Research Week 2020)
23 October 2020
01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

Address (Room): Online


Australia’s young children have recently been observers and participants of community disasters of unprecedented scale in living memory. With thousands of families across Australia directly impacted by a bushfire season of terrifying proportions and all Australian children experiencing life in a pandemic, early childhood education has faced significant challenges in adapting their curriculum and pedagogies to fit the circumstances, resulting in innovative practices and new learnings by parents and educators. This session explores findings from a small study of early education responses in 2 states. The findings highlight the resilience of educators, children and families in adapting to difficult circumstances and underscore the importance of early education as a community resource. A panel discussion of educators and a pictorial display will accompany the presentation.

Speakers: Associate Professor Christine Woodrow

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Name: Linda Riek

School / Department: TeEACH