School of Science and Health Seminar

Event Name
School of Science and Health Seminar
3 April 2017
12:00 pm - 01:00 pm
Parramatta Campus

Address (Room): EHa.1.23


The current climate in scientific and medical research has changed. Those who will advance in the current climate must be making business cases for scientific products and this is where the movers and shakers of the next generation need to have their headspace. Unfortunately, most scientific academics are blind to this change, or those who see it, have chosen to ignore or resist it because they know better or do not have the skill sets to make the change. These are the current supervisors of postgraduate students and irrespective of their beliefs or skills, there needs to be an awakening so that postgraduate students are properly prepared for their futures.

Speakers: Prof. Tom Millar

Name: Patrice Castignolles

Phone: 9970

School / Department: Science and Health