SoSC Research Seminar

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SoSC Research Seminar
24 August 2020
10:00 am -

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Ian Wright, Jason Reynolds, Michelle Ryan, Rani Carroll, Nakia Belmer, Katie Purdy School of Science, Western Sydney University, Australia Understanding the impact of urban development on Sydney basin waterways: the emerging influence of concrete materials.

Our research is uncovering poorly understood links between the widespread use of concrete materials across our urban landscapes and the water quality and ecological condition of surface waterways.

Thomas Jeffrey, School of Science, Western Sydney University, Australia Microbial Mad Max: dryland soil microbiomes in a warming world.

On both global and national scales, dryland habitats are among the most threatened by global change and drought. Much of the ecosystem services provided by these habitats are underpinned by the function and diversity of their soil microbes. Using Ecogenomic datasets spanning six-continents, this talk will describe how dryland soil microbiomes respond to drought and aridity gradients, and the implications of this for food-security and habitat management..

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