Searching for life in the Universe & Lunar Eclipse

Event Name
Searching for life in the Universe & Lunar Eclipse
4 April 2015
06:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Campbelltown Campus

Address (Room): Lecture Theatre 5, Building 21 & C'town Rotary Observatory site


The UWS Campbelltown Rotary Observatory and the Macarthur Astronomical Society are holding an Astronomy Night.  The event will begin with a talk at 6pm at Lecture Theatre 5, Building 21, by Dr Ragbir Bhathal on Searching for Life in the Universe. Discussing the latest developments in the search for life in the universe. It will be followed by observations of the total lunar eclipse at the Campbelltown Rotary Observatory site through several telescopes provided by the Macarthur Astronomical Society. The event will be of enormous benefit to school going children who are studying the solar system which is part of the science curriculum.

Speakers: Dr Ragbir Bhathal & Members of the Macarthur Astronomical Society

Web page:

Name: Dr Ragbir Bhathal

Phone: 47360834

School / Department: Computing, Engineering & Mathematics