Schoold of Science research seminar

Event Name
Schoold of Science research seminar
27 July 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Address (Room): Zoom Meeting ID: 484 163 7742


School of Science Research Seminar Final PhD seminar

When: Monday 27th July 2020, 10:00

Where: Zoom Meeting ID: 484 163 7742 (see below for full zoom invite).

Who: Matthew P. Van Leeuwen School of Science, Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science (ACROSS), Western Sydney University

Title: Relating starch structure in rice to its digestibility Abstract: A correlation between starch in rice and its digestibility has been observed in the literature, highlighting the role of starch structure in the functional properties of rice. However, starch is a complex biopolymer natively existing in a hierarchical structural organisation. An in-depth investigation of multiple levels of starch structure in rice was undertaken to determine what factors of starch structure are capable of distinguishing rice varieties, and how these structures relate to digestibility.

Name: Patrice Castignolles

Phone: 0413 021 562

School / Department: Science