Event Name
14 November 2017
Bankstown Campus

Address (Room): Foyer, Building 23, Bankstown Campus, Bullecourt Avenue, Milperra

Perspectives: artworks and performances by students from Hoxton Park High School. This exhibition celebrates the creative achievements of our Visual Arts, Photographic and Digital Media and Performing Arts (Music and Dance) students. Students have engaged in a variety of activities throughout the year where they have explored different media to present their unique perspectives. Our Year 7 students explored the tradition of linear perspective in their drawing and water colour artworks whereas our Year 8 students interpreted their vision of place as they represented the school environment in print media. Year 8 students continued their exploration of perception with some ink still-life drawings, collage landscapes and their 'celebrity' digital works. Stage 5 students in Year 10 Visual Arts investigated modernism in their painting processes artworks and our Year 9 students presented their point of view with their still life paintings. They continued this pursuit of representation to create ceramic works that reference popular culture. Our photographic and digital media students present a wide array of interpretations and manipulations through their digital pieces. Year 11 students directed their making to present their own impressions of the world through drawing and water colour. Our opening night will feature some performances to showcase the talents of our dance ensemble that present a hip hop perspective and our music students who will perform their own stylistic representations of repertoire.

Web page: http://virtualtours.westernsydney.edu.au/margothardygallery/Perspectives

Name: Monica McMahon


Phone: 46203450

School / Department: Art Collection Department