Penrith Observatory Public Astronomy Night

Event Name
Penrith Observatory Public Astronomy Night
15 July 2017
07:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Penrith (Werrington North) Campus

Address (Room): Penrith Observatory Building AO


Aboriginal people have studied Australian skies for thousands of years, seeking to understand the sky and their place in it, as well as using it for practical purposes like calendars and navigation. While some languages and cultures have sadly passed away, others still live, and are even being rejuvenated. We are fortunate that there are elders who can still recount this ancient knowledge in their traditional songs and stories. Includes presentation, short 3D movie, tour of the dome area and viewing of the night sky through a range of telescopes (weather permitting).

Speakers: Professor Ray Norris

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Name: Raelene Sommer

Phone: 0247360135

School / Department: SCEM