Parramatta Now

Event Name
Parramatta Now
6 October 2015
05:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Address (Room): Parramatta Town Hall


How do you feel about Parramatta now and in the future? As part of the Parramatta Lanes festival, 6-8 October, ICS is hosting a three-night event at Parramatta Town Hall. The event, 'Parramatta Now', aims to capture how people feel about their city now and what they want for its future. It will engage them through conversations with ICS researchers (MC'd by media personality Julie McCrossin), emotional mapping workshops for young people (12-26), and photo and video creation (including video editing workshops). The photos, videos and emotional map will be presented on Thursday 8th and the data gathered will be considered by Parramatta City Council in their future planning.

Speakers: Paul James, Amanda Third, Katherine Gibson, Gay Hawkins, Julie McCrossin

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Name: Stephen Healy

School / Department: Institute for Culture and Society