LaunchPad Masterclass- Pitching Your Business

Event Name
LaunchPad Masterclass- Pitching Your Business
20 February 2024
05:00 pm - 07:00 pm
Parramatta City Campus

Address (Room): 6 Hassall St, Level 1


What makes a good pitch?

How long or short should the pitch be?

Do I need a pitch deck?

Is there anything to avoid in my pitch?

What's the last message I should end with?

Most of the time you will only get a few minutes to pitch your startup idea (if you're lucky!) We want you to be ready to put your best foot forward no matter the time and place.

Join our masterclass on 'Pitching Your Business' where seasoned entrepreneur and investor Jamie Pride will go over how to package your idea and communicate it well for the investor. He will share his tips he has learnt over the years to help you pitch your idea in a clear and concise way to grab your audience's attention.


  • Speaker: Jamie Pride, Entrepreneur in Residence, Western Sydney University Launch Pad
  • Venue: Launch Pad, Level 1, 6 Hassall, Parramatta
  • Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Date: 20 Feburary 2024

Speakers: Jamie Pride

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Name: Mabel Joe

Phone: 0410145123

School / Department: Enterprise (Launch Pad)