Making the City Series - Resilience

Event Name
Making the City Series - Resilience
16 May 2019
06:00 pm - 08:30 pm
Parramatta Campus

Address (Room): Level 9, Peter Shergold Building, 169 Macquaire Street


Created in a collaboration between Western Sydney University, City of Parramatta, the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, and the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects, this series examines and reflects upon key cultural and design practices that contribute to the quality, amenity, and character of 21st century cities. Drawing upon a broad range of expertise and leadership in the areas of architecture, urban design and planning, art practice, government, indigenous leadership, and industry, MTC19 will foreground conversations on the following six topics: culture, disruption, resilience, identity, equity, and density. Events are hosted by the WSU Architecture Program. The May 16 session of MTC19 focuses on Resilience. Climate change is happening and it’s impacts affect cities and the quality of life of their citizens. Issues such as urban heat and flooding, limited water and energy sources are all major challenges for cities. Within this context how do cities plan, design, and implement strategies which address the environmental challenges of the future? In what ways can cities build from the inherent qualities of place to achieve a resilient future? Are there ways in which these issues can be addressed such that the impacts of climate change are minimised and opportunities found for citizens to thrive? Join us as leaders from industry and government speak on these topics, and share their thoughts in a moderated discussion with event attendees.

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