Making the City Series - Equity

Event Name
Making the City Series - Equity
12 September 2019
05:45 pm - 08:00 pm
Parramatta City Campus

Address (Room): Level 9, Peter Shergold Building, 169 Macquaire Street


At their best, cities are incredibly diverse congregations of people, places, activities and perspectives. But when differences become extreme, and people are no longer able to choose from within that diversity, the result is entrenched inequality. Depending on who you are and where you live within a city you can experience vastly different levels of access, quality, perception and stigma within the built environment. Does the way we design, build and distribute the space of the city create and perpetuate inequities? Who is the city made for, and who gets to make the decisions? How can we work to overcome inequities and make cities better for all their citizens? Join us on September 12 as leaders in governance and practice respond to these questions, and share their thoughts in a moderated discussion with event attendees. The 2019 Making the City speaker series is a collection of five events from March to October 2019. Created through a collaboration between Western Sydney University, City of Parramatta, the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences and the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects, the series examines cultural and design practices that contribute to the quality, amenity, and character of 21st century cities. Drawing upon a broad range of expertise and leadership in the areas of architecture, urban design and planning, art practice, government, indigenous leadership, and industry, the Speaker Series will foreground conversations on the following five topics: culture, resilience, disruption, equity and identity. Events are hosted by the Western Sydney University Architecture Program.

Speakers: Queenie Tran, Chief Operating Officer, Summer Housing Ltd, Keg de Souza, Artist and David Borger  Executive Director, Western Sydney Business Chamber

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