ICS Seminar

Event Name
ICS Seminar
30 April 2020
11:30 am - 01:00 pm

Address (Room): This seminar will take place online via Zoom. Please join via the following link: https://uws.zoom.us/j/95919845423


Following discussion at the ICS planning day and seminars devoted to the bushfire summer and Coronavirus, the April 30 seminar engages the theme of “intersecting crises.” There is a growing sense that the world faces a concatenation of deeply inextricable crises: ecological, political, economic, epidemiological, racial, social reproductive, and so on. Is the concept of crisis (with its implicit narrative of pre-existing conditions, turmoil and recovery) appropriate to grasp the challenges of the moment? If we posit a confluence of crises, do we risk obscuring the ways in which one crisis might presuppose or underlie others? Is the performative act of declaring or identifying a crisis in a certain field carried by a call for present action that talk of other crises threatens to drown out? Or is the recognition of “intersecting crises” politically enabling? Four speakers will grapple with these questions and ask how ICS research might draw on its strengths and adapt to meet challenges new and old, now and in the future.

All welcome.  Please join the Zoom at 11:30am, 30 April, via the following link: https://uws.zoom.us/j/95919845423

Web page: https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/ics/events/ics_seminar_series

Name: Elise Blight