HIE Seminar Series

Event Name
HIE Seminar Series
20 March 2018
12:30 pm - 01:30 pm
Hawkesbury Campus

Address (Room): Building L9 Conference Room

Prof. Ben Smith will be presenting an overview of his research and future perspectives: "Models and modelling are central concepts within global change research – as in other scientific fields – but the applicability and potential of modelling to inform, enrich, and communicate outcomes from empirical ecosystem research are arguably not fully realised in common research practice. Illustrating with examples from my work and collaborations using a range of model frameworks, I present case studies of how modelling in combination with theory, data and synthesis from observational studies may (i) inform the design of empirical studies and measurements, focusing effort on key uncertainties and knowledge/data gaps; (ii) interpret observed patterns and trends in terms of underlying mechanisms and drivers; (iii) extrapolate in space and time; and (iv) communicate implications of evidence-based knowledge to societal stakeholders and practitioners. I present initial ideas on how my research interests and tools could integrate with existing streams of Hawkesbury research for mutual benefit in terms of science, education and outreach."

Speakers: Prof. Ben Smith (Lund University)

Name: Jonathan Plett


School / Department: Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment