CER Educational Conversation: Young refugee settlement in Australia: Making another life

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CER Educational Conversation: Young refugee settlement in Australia: Making another life
4 August 2020
12:00 pm - 01:30 pm

Address (Room): https://uws.zoom.us/j/98839298651


In 2015 Prime Minister Abbott’s government announced they would double the intake of refugees by taking in 12,000 extra from Syria and Iraq. This presentation explores the first year of settlement for young people in this specific cohort and also looks at Afghan young people who came at the same time. 250 families took part in this Australian Research Council Linkage project across metropolitan and regional NSW, Queensland, and Victoria.

This paper discusses interviews and surveys with 199 five to 18-year-olds in these families presenting some key findings before examining some gaps in an otherwise good news story. On the one hand micropublics (Amin, 2002) - where prosaic negotiations take place, such as in schools, churches, and youth and sporting clubs - provide opportunities for friendships and the development of social networks among recently arrived refugee young people. On the other hand, the cosmopolitan dispositions of these young people are revealed in their cultural cartographies where they make sense of the local environment through a process of cultural translation and a focus on place. While displacement is softened through digital kinning for their parents, the young people very quickly lose connections with friends left behind and focus on making ‘another’ a new life.

SPEAKER: Professor Carol Reid is a sociologist of education at Western Sydney University. Carol’s research explores processes of globalisation and mobilities on youth, ethnicity and race and the intersections of these social identities with the changing nature of teacher’s work. Current research is concerned with Settlement Outcomes of Syrian/ Iraqi Refugees; Knowledge translation to support early learning of refugee children and families; and cosmopolitan theory for education.

Speakers: Professor Carol Reid

Web page: https://uws.zoom.us/j/98839298651

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