Art Exhibition: The Road Less Travelled

Event Name
Art Exhibition: The Road Less Travelled
28 January 2020
Bankstown Campus

Address (Room): Margot Hardy Gallery, Building 23

Rafat (Rafael) Yacoub is a Jordanian-Australian artist based in Sydney. With his formal education and career in accounting, Rafat’s journey as an artist began quietly, flourishing in the background as he grew up surrounded by the strong influence of his father, who is also an artist. Today, Rafat’s art is full of energy, humanity and social consciousness; a combination of abstract and realistic, old and contemporary, expressionism and realism. “I felt a different type of energy when I focused on my artwork. I felt a flow of inspiration running through me, and I almost seemed manic when I was at my prime in any creation process. I strive to create art that speaks to its audience about the beauty that I create.” - Rafat Yacoub Rafat’s works have been exhibited in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, London, Hamburg, Geneva, Amman, Manila, and Bangkok. In 2019, he was also awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ art prize by the Bankstown Art Society for his work, Sweet Day of Summer, entered in the Victor Veinberg Memorial Award.

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