Art Exhibition: Our Journey through Japan

Event Name
Art Exhibition: Our Journey through Japan
13 August 2019
Bankstown Campus

Address (Room): Margot Hardy Gallery, Building 23


The inspiration for our latest collection of artworks ‘Our Journey through Japan’ once again came from our school-wide program ‘Seven Countries in Seven Years.’ This program involves every student from Kindergarten to Year 6 undertaking study related to at least seven different Asian countries throughout their primary schooling. Students are involved in cultural studies as well as basic language programs and are given the opportunity to ‘travel’ through these countries. From language acquistion to art projects, history and geography, Asian studies are linking harmoniously into our curriculum. Choosing Japan this year was a natural progression from our previous exhibitions which included journeys through Asia, Indonesia, India and Thailand. From their initial experiences with our closest neighbour Indonesia, our students are ready to seamlessly move into the next chapter of their Asian adventure. ‘Our Journey through Japan’ celebrates the altering faces of this intriguing country through the beauty of its changing seasons. Each seasonal change is honoured for its splendour, admired for its kaleidoscope of colours and textures, and worshipped for its transience and nobleness. Spring is renowned for the gentle bloom of white and pink, soft-petalled cherry blossoms that flutter gracefully from their trees. Summer, for the hot, balmy days and the scorching sunsets that act as a backdrop for the fireworks that herald the beginning of many celebrations and festivities. Autumn, for the flush of luminous, red copper leaves that cascade across a landscape of ancient forests and drift in the wind to land at the feet of those who come to admire. Winter, for the pristine snow that dusts and blankets the peaked roofs of both ancient and modern Japan. Whatever the time of year, Japan is admired for its unique beauty. Our artworks are a snapshot of the soul of this great country that is known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun.’

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