ACIAC Exhibition: Chasing the Mountain Light

Event Name
ACIAC Exhibition: Chasing the Mountain Light
18 July 2019
Parramatta South Campus

Address (Room): Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture Gallery, Building EA.G.03, Parramatta South Campus, Western Sydney University


Mountains are the most magnificent landforms on our planet. Since the first camera was invented over a century ago, mountains have become one of the most prominent subjects for photographers. Photography is the language of light. I use this language to express my deepest personal feelings, to connect myself with the natural world: I capture the color of the sky, the tide of the ocean, and the impressions of the land. My mountain photography started in New Zealand – a country of mountains. In July 2013, I was on a family holiday in Mount Cook in the South Island of New Zealand. A severe storm meant that my family and I were stuck in a motel room for three days, going nowhere. To pass my time, I read a book in the motel lounge room. The book was called True South, authored by Pat Barrett. In that moment, I was inspired by Barrett’s images of New Zealand’s high places – I wanted to use my own camera to capture the grandness of New Zealand Mountains, and beyond. New Zealand’s Southern Alps was where I gained a mountaineer’s viewpoint on peaks and glaciers; I chased the light as it painted these mountainous landscapes in mystery and splendor. Mountains have become my good friends. I travel near and far to see them: from the Southern Alps to Eastern Sierra, Patagonia to Himalaya. Mountain photography is part of my life journey, it reveals my creativity, unlocks my mindset, and helps me to become more self-aware. Mountains are our beautiful, natural keepsakes of the world. I hope to use my photography works to illustrate the beauty and splendor of mountains, and to inspire the greater conservation of our land and planet. Yan Zhang 张焰 April 2019.

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