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7 July 2016

A future where landscapers, local councils and developers can quickly determine the best long-term plant species to establish, in the face of climate change and other challenges, is not too far away. Today, two of the nation's leading universities, the NSW Government and Horticulture Innovation Australia announced a $10 million dollar research consortium that is working to make this a reality...

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The conflict between urbanites and wildlife recently developed a new battleground: the small coastal New South Wales town of Batemans Bay, where the exceptional flowering of spotted gums has attracted a huge influx of grey-headed flying-foxes from across Australia's southeast. In response to intense and highly publicised community concern, federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has announced he will seek an immediate National Interest Exemption to facilitate dispersal of these bats – a move that risks undermining legal protections afforded to this and other threatened species...

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16 March 2016

March 16 1891 - the Hawkesbury Agricultural College was opened by the Honourable Sydney Smith, Secretary for Mines and Minister for Agriculture. Today we celebrate the 125th Anniversary of our beautiful campus and our home, the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment.

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Updated 29 January 2016. Originally published 8 December 2015

A new study drawn from more than 80 dryland sites across the world published in the Proceedings of the National Academy Of Sciences (PNAS) and Nature Communications indicates that increasing aridity reduces abundance and diversity of microbial communities which carry out for most of ecosystem services such as primary production, water filtration and climate regulation...

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14 January 2016

Published in leading environmental journal Ecology Letters, the study from Western Sydney University, CSIRO and the University of Sydney, has shown how toughness, contrariness and complexity help this remarkable tree genus cope with Australia's diverse environmental conditions...

Hawkesbury Forrest

16 December 2015

New research published in Global Change Biology sheds new light on the complex changes brought about by elevated CO2 on the leaf area and canopy dynamics of Australian woodland at the EucFACE Experiment...

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4 December 2015

The 2015 Excellence In Research Australia rankings have been released and the Institute has continued to achieve world-class excellence in national research rankings in five key areas of research. Since the last ERA round in 2012, the Institute has maintained and improved its position in important fields of research...

ARC Results 2013

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