Associate Professor Remko Duursma

Remko DuursmaA/Professor Remko Duursma's research focuses on modelling vegetation function, including photosynthesis, growth, water use and radiation absorption of trees and forests.

A/Professor Duursma originally joined the Centre for Plant and Food Science (a precursor of HIE) in 2008 after a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He received his PhD in Natural Resources in 2004 at the University of Idaho, USA, and an MSc in Forestry from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, in 1999.

At the Institute, his research is currently on the development of models to predict the effects of elevated CO2 and changes in precipitation on water use and carbon uptake by Australian forests as part of the Hawkesbury Forest Experiment.

Please visit his personal site at (opens in a new window).

Areas of Research / Teaching Expertise

Plant Ecophysiology; Forest Hydrology; Forest Growth and Production Models; Process-Based Models of Vegetation Function; Mathematical Modelling; Quantitative Methods; Computational Methods and Data Analysis 

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Duursma RA, Kolari P, Perämäki M, Hari P, (2008) Maximum transpiration rate and water tension during drought in Hari P and Kulmala L (Eds.) Boreal Forest and Climate Change. Springer. Dordrecht, Netherlands, pp: 382–387

Journal Articles

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