Doctor Mingkai Jiang

Mingkai Jiang Dr. Jiang is a terrestrial ecosystem ecologist, with broad research interests in plant physiology, global change ecology and mathematical modelling. He has expertise in ecosystem budget accounting, data-model intercomparisons, and landscape-scale model simulations. In his research, Dr. Jiang uses ecological theory, process-based models and manipulative experiments to advance our knowledge of the impacts of global change on terrestrial ecosystems and the associated consequences for ecosystem services. Dr. Jiang is currently a university lecturer and a DECRA Fellow as awarded by the Australian Research Council (2021 – 2023). The overarching objective of the DECRA fellowship is to use a range of mathematical approaches to assess how climate extremes interact with rising atmospheric CO2 to affect plant physiology and ecosystem processes in Australia’s symbolic Eucalyptus forests.

Research areas and expertise

Forest ecosystems, carbon cycle, phosphorus cycle, ecosystem ecology, plant physiology, ecosystem services, climate predictability, land surface model, climate extremes, manipulative experiments

Teaching experience

  • 2021. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (301408), Field Project I (300913), Field Project II (300914).
  • 2020. Ecosystem Carbon Accounting (300856), Ecosystems in a Changing World (800170).
  • 2019. Ecosystems in a Changing World (800170).
  • 2018. Ecosystem Carbon Accounting (300856), Ecosystems in a Changing World (800170).
  • 2017. Ecosystems in a Changing World (800170).
  • 2015. Terrestrial Ecosystems (teaching assistant), Lehigh University.
  • 2014. The Science of Environmental Issues (teaching assistant), Lehigh University
  • 2014. Ecophysiology (teaching assistant), Lehigh University.

Grants and support

  • ARC DECRA Fellowship: Assessing Eucalyptus forest responses to rising CO2 and climate change
    Funding body: Australian Research Council
    Period: 2021-2023
  • Does elevated CO2 alter phosphorus cycling in a mature Eucalyptus woodland (EucFACE)?
    Purpose: Conference travel support
    Funding body: Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
    Period: 2019
  • Data-model integration for understanding nitrogen and phosphorus limitations to future forests
    Co-Researchers: David Ellsworth, Sonke Zaehle, Mingkai Jiang, Silvia Caldararu
    Funding body: Universities Australia – Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme
    Period: 2016-2019
  • Mechanistic understanding of nutrient limitation of carbon sequestration in two phosphorus-limited ecosystems
    Purpose: Conference travel support
    Funding body: New Phytologist Trust
    Period: 2017
  • Development of multi-layer soil model to assess forest response to climate extremes along a precipitation gradient
    Funding body: Lehigh University
    Period: 2014
  • Assessing stakeholder-defined land use trajectories and the associated ecosystem service changes in the Columbia River Basin of the Pacific Northwest under climate change
    Co-Researchers: Benjamin Felzer and Mingkai Jiang
    Funding body: Lehigh University
    Period: 2014

Personal recognition

  • 2016. Elizabeth V. Stout PhD Dissertation Award, Lehigh University.

Selected public engagement

Student supervision

Honours and PhD research projects are available for qualified and enthusiastic students. Visiting students and scholars are also invited to contact me for possible arrangements.

Selected publications

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