Doctor Rachael Nolan

Dr Rachael Nolan joined the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE) in February 2018. She currently works with Assoc. Prof Matthias Boer in the Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub, which is a collaboration between four universities working closely with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, the NSW Rural Fire Service and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Her research is focused on developing models of forest flammability due to dynamics in fuel loads and moisture content, and quantifying fire effects on carbon storage and sequestration in forests and woodlands. This research builds on prior research Dr Nolan undertook jointly with HIE and the University of Wollongong under the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre project “2009 Black Saturday and other large fire events – moisture conditions project”.

Prior to her recent appointment at HIE, Dr Nolan was a post-doctoral research at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). While at UTS, she undertook research focused on assessing risks to carbon sequestration and storage in forests and woodlands due to disturbances such as fire, drought and grazing. Dr Nolan also undertook research in central Australia, on the project “Comparative eco-physiology of two contrasting arid-zone woodlands in Central Australia: Hydrological niche separation and ecosystem resilience”.

Dr Nolan was awarded her PhD in 2013 from The University of Melbourne. Her PhD research focused on the effects of bushfires on rates of evapotranspiration and catchment water yield in Melbourne’s water-supply catchments.

Areas of research/teaching expertise

Fire ecology, plant ecology, plant ecophysiology, ecohydrology

Awards and recognition
  • Awarded two Melbourne School of Land and Environment publishing awards (2014) for publication of PhD research.
  • SF Ponds Travelling Scholarship (2012).
  • The University of Melbourne travel scholarship (2012).
  • Australian Postgraduate Award (2009-2012).
  • Melbourne Water PhD stipend top-up (2009-2012).

Innovations Connections research grant for the research project ‘Novel methods for monitoring carbon storage in forests and woodlands’ (2018).

Selected publications

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