Doctor Nam Jin Noh

Dr Nam Jin Noh began research at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment as a research fellow in December 2017. His research interests lie in understanding the carbon and nutrient cycling in forest ecosystems and their ecological responses to climate change and forest managements. He is working with Prof. Elise Pendall on soil carbon dynamics focusing on temperature responses of autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration components to various environmental controls.

His research has focused on the responses of plants and soils to natural or artificial disturbances including on-going climate changes and forest managements for the sustainable coexistence of mankind and nature. He studied on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in red pine forests with different stand density for his PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Yowhan Son at Korea University. He has multiple research experiences related to climate change issues in Japan and USA. In his previous postdoc at the River Basin Research Center, Gifu University, Japan, he assessed warming impacts on biogeochemical plant-soil feedback mechanisms in forest ecosystems by in-situ artificial warming and ecosystem modeling. He conducted open-field warming experiments at Takayama Supersite and Tomakomai experimental forest belonging to ILTER and Flux networks. He also worked at SFRES, Michigan Technological University, USA to investigate carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from soil, stem, and coarse wood debris and to synthesize ecological impacts of tree mortality simulation on carbon and nitrogen cycles in black ash wetland ecosystems.

Areas of research

Global change ecology; carbon and nutrient cycles; soil biogeochemistry; belowground carbon dynamic; plant-soil Interactions; forest management, silviculture; climate change manipulation
His researches explore following questions: 1) How do ecosystem components respond to climate change and forest managements? 2) How do these responses regulate carbon and nitrogen cycles? 3) How do those alter forest ecosystem functions and structures? To address these questions, he investigates the carbon and nitrogen allocations in above and belowground, and temperature responses of fluxes from soil, root, microbes, and coarse woody debris.

Teaching expertise
  • 2011 Undergraduate Student Instructor in Environmental Ecology, University of Seoul
  • 2011 Undergraduate Student Instructor in Silviculture and Forest Management, Korea University
  • 2010 Graduate Student Instructor in Environmental Ecology, College of Natural Science, University of Seoul
  • 2007 Teaching Assistant, Ecosystem Ecology and Laboratory, Korea University
  • 2006 Teaching Assistant, Experimental Forest Practical Work, Korea University
Awards and grants
  • 2015 – 2016  National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) Postdoc Fellowship (US$30,000) “Impact assessment of global warming on biogeochemical plant-soil feedback mechanisms in forest ecosystems by in-situ artificial warming and ecosystem modeling”
  • 2014 – 2016 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Oversea Postdoc Fellowship and Research Grant for Pathway to University Position (US$123,000), support for research and stipend, “Open-field warming experiments on forest soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics to achieve accurate future projection (Collaborative with host researcher: Muraoka H.)”
  • 2010 Summer Soil Institute Scholarship, Colorado State University, USA
  • 2006 – 2009 BK (Brain Korea) 21 Scholarships, Korea University, support for full academic years’ tuition, 2006 – 2009
Selected publications

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