Doctor Mike Aspinwall

Mike AspinwallDr Mike Aspinwall joined Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment as a postdoctoral research fellow in September 2012, coming from the University of Texas at Austin.

Mike is a plant physiological ecologist broadly interested in:

  • the determinants and implications of physiological variation among and within plant species
  • environmental, particularly climate change, effects on physiological processes; and 
  • the combined effects of genetic variability and environmental change on physiological processes ranging from the gene to ecosystem level.

Mike received his PhD in 2010 from North Carolina State University under the supervision of Drs John King and Steve McKeand.  His PhD research examined genetic effects on leaf-level and whole-tree physiology, hydraulic traits, and foliar biochemistry, as well as the effect of genetic homogeneity on physiological and ecosystem-level production uniformity in Pinus taeda L.

At the University of Texas at Austin, his research aimed to understand the evolution of physiological traits which underlie local adaptation in the C4 tallgrass prairie species, Panicum virgatum L. This research incorporated the use rainout shelters to study the response of differentially adapted genotypes to altered precipitation, and examined linkages between gene expression and physiology under variable soil moisture conditions.

Mike was also a part of a team of researchers at the USDA studying the structure and function of grassland ecosystems as affected by variable atmospheric CO2.

At UWS, Mike is involved in several projects aimed at understanding the effects of elevated CO2, temperature, and altered precipitation on Australian forests.

Areas of research

Leaf-level carbon dynamics, biochemistry, and water relations; biomass partitioning; photochemistry; stem hydraulics; sapflow; forest genetics; gene expression – physiology linkages

Teaching expertise

  • Research leader/mentor at USDA-ARS Grassland Soil and Water Research Laboratory, Temple, TX (2011 & 2012)
  • Research mentor for "Biology of Biofuels" Research Experience for Undergrads (REU), University of Texas at Austin
  • Graduate teaching assistant in tree physiology and silviculture, North Carolina State University

Awards and recognition

  • "Carbon sequestration from 40 years of planting genetically improved loblolly pine across the southeast United States" publication featured in North Carolina State University press release entitled 'Land of the Pine'.
  • North Carolina State University Charles B. Davey Graduate Fellowship for Excellence in Biological Sciences.
  • North Carolina State University Donald Moreland Endowed Fellowship in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.

Selected publications

Book Chapters

King JS, Liu L, Aspinwall M, (2013) 'Tree and forest responses to interacting elevated atmospheric CO2 and tropospheric O3: a synthesis of experimental evidence', In: Climate change, air pollution and global challenges: understanding and perspectives from forest research. Matyssek R, Clarke N, Cudlin P, Mikkelsen TN, Tuovinen J-P, Wieser G, Paoletti E (eds). Elsevier


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