Doctor Haiyang Zhang

Dr Haiyang Zhang is a Research Fellow at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment. His research topics are plant-microbes interaction and how these interactions response and drive carbon and nutrients cycle. Specifically, I mainly focus on how plant communicates with mycorrhizal fungi (arbuscular mycorrhizal (AMF) and ectomycorrhizal fungi) and nitrogen-fixing organisms, and how these plant-symbiotic associations affect plant carbon allocation (growth and storage), competition and co-existence under variable environments.

During my PhD, I have studies shrub encroachment along a 1200-km transect across Inner Mongolia grassland and investigate the transfer of fixed nitrogen (N) from legume shrub (nurse plant, has the potential to restore the degrading ecosystem) to non-legume grasses. I have worked at Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry (Jena, Germany) and investigated the mechanisms that how plant carbohydrates control AMF-mediated N transfer using isotopic labeling (13C and 15N) technology.

Dr Haiyang Zhang joined HIE as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in October 2017. He is currently working on “Pastures and Climate Extreme (PACE)” project, targeting plant symbiotic association. PACE aims to examine how will predicted climate scenarios (i.e. rainfall and temperature extremes) affect the productivity, quality, and resilience of pasture systems in coming decades.

Awards / Scholarships

  • DAAD-CSC Joint Program for postdoctoral fellowship (2015-2017)
  • Doctoral Promotion scholarship from Max-Planck-Institute (2012-2014)


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