Doctor Casey Hall

Dr Casey Hall joined the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment as a postdoctoral fellow in plant defence in September 2017. She works with Dr Scott Johnson on an ARC funded project looking at how elevated CO2 alters silicon and carbon based defences in grass and the effect of these changes on herbivorous insects.

Dr Hall completed her PhD in 2016 at Griffith University in Brisbane under the supervision of Professor Roger Kitching and Professor Tony Carroll. Casey used NMR and metabolomics techniques to investigate how temperature affects host plant secondary metabolites and associated herbivorous insects and their parasitoids in subtropical rainforest.

Areas of research

Entomology, Ecology, Climate change, Elevated CO2, Plant secondary metabolites, metabolomics

Selected publications

Hall CR, Dagg V, Waterman JM, Johnson SN, (2020) 'Silicon alters leaf surface morphology and suppresses insect herbivory in a model grass species', Plants, vol.9, no.5, Article no.643

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