Mr Gavin McKenzie

Gavin McKenzieGavin is our Technical Manager, Laboratory and Controlled Environments. He studied biological sciences at Macquarie University and received a BSc in 1997. In the same year he began working in Pathology at the University of New South Wales and eventually became Senior Technical Officer for Histology and Microscopy in the School of Medical Sciences.

In 2009 Gavin was awarded an MSc for his work on immunohistochemical prognostic markers in colorectal cancer using tissue microarray.

Gavin has had extensive experience in the laboratory environment and the equipment under his supervision has included confocal microscopes with live cell set up, microtomes, cryostats, automated immunostainers, PALM laser capture microscope, tissue arrayers and the Aperio digital slide imaging system for transmitted and fluorescent light.

A large part of his work has been the training and supervision of research staff and postgraduate students and the extensive preparation and implementation of OH&S documentation including asset and chemical registers, standard operating procedures and risk assessments.

Gavin has also been involved in the design and refurbishment of histology and microscopy laboratories, was managing the collection and archiving of specimens for the Histology tissue bank and was a part of a group that recently developed the Research Methods in Microscopy course for undergraduate students at UNSW.

Administrative Expertise

As the Technical Manager, Laboratory and Controlled Environments, Gavin is responsible for the smooth operation of the laboratories, controlled-environment glasshouses, and environmental growth chambers and associated equipment within the Institute. His major responsibilities include:

  • manage and coordinate effective and equitable technical and scientific service delivery to the Institute's academic and professional staff, and students;
  • manage facilities and space utilization/allocation within the Institute including authority for access to Institute related facilities;
  • coordinate assets management, including allocation of resources across programs to ensure equity of access and timely and effective maintenance of technical equipment, including asset disposals;
  • implement and manage a centralised and integrated Institute asset data base;
  • liaise with Capital Works and Facilities regarding capital works projects, relocations and refurbishments, and other facilities management matters relevant to the Institute, including project management for any large infrastructure projects associated with the development of specialist facilities.